Paradise Tulips – New Product Tuesday

Paradise Tulips - tulip bulbs As Seen on TVIt’s common to see dozens of As Seen on TV gardening offers in the spring. In the fall, not so much. So we were surprised and pleased to see today’s new offer. Paradise Tulips are specially bred tulip bulbs that will thrive in almost any area of the country. Tulips are a good example of delayed gratification. So simple to grow. You plant tulip bulbs in the fall and patiently let them hibernate in the frozen ground all winter, secure in the knowledge that colorful tulips will spring from the soil at the first sign of spring, year after year.

During Dutch tulip mania which peaked in 1637, some tulip bulbs sold for the equivalent of $25,000 or more in today’s dollars. But you can get a double offer of 20 multicolored tulip bulbs for only $10 plus shipping when you buy Paradise Tulips from this special TV offer.

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