New(ish) Product Tuesday with Microwave Pasta Boat

Pasta N More
Old Product
Microwave Pasta Boat
New(ish) Product







How does a DRTV marketer “freshen up” an As Seen on TV product when it’s been on the market for a couple of years and sales have cooled? If the marketer is Telebrands, and the product is Cathy Mitchell’s Pasta N More, you change the name, change the color, lower the price and add more freebies. The result: the kinda-new Pasta Boat.

Don’t get me wrong, as your Savvy Shopper is not dissing this product. It’s a very useful microwave pasta maker that lets you cook, drain, serve and store in the same container. And personally, I think pasta looks much more appetizing viewed through clear plastic rather than translucent aqua.

4 thoughts on “New(ish) Product Tuesday with Microwave Pasta Boat

  1. i really love my pasta boat but i can’t find how to steam my frozen/thawed califlower,or my frozen vegetables

  2. The Pasta Boat Beer Steamed Shrimp has the wrong directions. Could someone please give me the correct directions? Thanks.

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