New Product Tuesday with Yoshiblue Diamondware Skillet

Yoshiblue Diamondware SkilletYou may have heard Paul Simon sing about the woman with Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, but what about diamonds on the non-stick coating of her frying pan? That’s the hook of the new Yoshiblue Diamondware Skillet. Building on the success of the YoshiBlade ceramic knife, Yoshiblue takes the ceramic, mixes it up with a girl’s best friend and deposits it on the cooking surface of the pan.

Yes, we know that this skillet’s claims of non-stick cooking without butter, oil or grease are similar to the heavily advertised OrGreenic Skillet, but Yoshiblue has two big differences – diamonds and blueness. Also, you get the venting glass lid (just pay shipping) plus a ceramic mandolin slicer absolutely free.

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