New Product Tuesday with YoshiBlade

Several thousand meals ago, we bought our spouse a razor-sharp ceramic knife as a birthday gift. This displays the high level of trust that is a hallmark of our often-harmonius pairing (a pairing without paring). That $200 knife is still as sharp and smooth as they day it first carved sushi-grade maguro tuna into paper-thin slices for tuna carpaccio. We’re sold on the sharpness and durability of ceramic knives. So when we saw the new YoshiBlade at a fraction of the price, we were very intrigued. We’ve not tried the YoshiBlade yet, so we’re not making a direct comparison to a $200 knife. But we are very interested to see how it performs. Here’s the commercial:

Addendum: After re-reading this, I thought maybe it sounded a little fakey. There are so many fake blogs out there today, and your Savvy Shopper, while pseudonymous, is oh so real, baby. So after dinner we snapped a photo of the Kyocera Kyotop ceramic knife that has served so faithfully, most recently in the preparation of tonight’s delicious dinner. And yes, it does cost about $200.
The knife in question.
The knife in question.

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