New Product Tuesday with WOW Storage System

WOW Storage System

As I’m sure you know (or you wouldn’t be reading this), ShamWow was a huge As Seen On TV success story earlier this year. Now we witness the introduction of the WOW Storage System. Maybe the people behind this new product figured adding a little of the “Wow” factor would help their product as well. Maybe they should have gone further and hired Vince Offer to pitch their product.

The WOW Storage System looks like a product chock full real-world usability goodness. The unique feature is the interchangeability of the lids and containers. Each piece can either be a top or a bottom, as they all fit together. This means never searching for a lid. It also means you can still easily attach an lid on a overfilled container. Will WOW Containers make you say “Wow!”?

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  1. I feel sooo silly. Why didn’t I check these out on your forum first? Our containers are less than 2 months old and starting to break up into little pieces. Too late now to return them (must be within 30 days in the ORIGINAL packaging). We also will report the company to the Australian Office of Fair Trading. All the posts I have read are correct. My husband is sporting a couple of deep cuts in his fingers because of the sharp edges under the “seal” lip. I am going to look for a Tupperware distributor now and toss all the WOW containers in the garbage.

  2. i bought mine through Regal Gifts here in Canada… no problem getting or paying for them… my only complaint is that the plastic is cheap, they crack when frozen, and the plastic tabs break easily… only wish they were made of a more durable plastic like the ziploc or other such containers…

  3. yep all the negative blogs are spot on ordered
    1 set plus mixer then 2nd set free, then 2 more sets for $24.00 a total amount with postage $104.00, after revieving 2 sets then getting charged $114.00 nothing else arrived, getting a huge run around
    and we are stuck with usless crap BUYER BEWARE

  4. That’s everyone for the negative feedback. So glad I did not order them – the concept is great IF it works and obviously they are cheap and very nasty and do not live up to the advertised expectations.

  5. WARNING!!! Terrible product. Great idea in terms of how they fit together, but the snaps break very easily when you try to open or close them them. Also they are not air tight, meaning they leak, so you cannot store or transport liquids. Just had an entire tub of tofu stored in water drain in the fridge. Do not buy this product until these problems are fixed.

  6. Thanks so much for your reviews, all- I have a cupboard full of mismatched containers and got all excited when I saw the ad for these, thinking they were just what I needed. So glad I checked here first! Back to the expensive stuff for me…

  7. Concept is excellent but R&D must go back to the drawing board. Not air tight and will leak and after one, maybe 2 uses … the little tabs on one side or the other will break off. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I bought two sets and when they arrived, I threw out all my other containers. Boy did I miss the boat.

  8. Do not buy this product! The lids break when you try to snap it shut. I just got a container out of the fridge and it broke right down the middle, my food went everywhere. What a mess! You can’t call to complain because it’s an automated system. Worse part, I gave my daughter a set for Christmas. 🙁

  9. WOW – What a rip off. Sorry I didn’t do enough research before jumping into this one. Took 4 months to receive my containers. Got a free snuggly for my patience. The chop chop works OK but won’t last long. There are 3 containers missing and some already have broken clips and I havn’t used them yet just taken them out of the box. Not worth sending them back due to cost of postage. Lesson learnt. No more buying from TV commercials for me. See touch feel before you buy.

  10. Thank you for all your valued information. I saw these advertised only last night for the fist time my husband thought they were a great idea too. I was about to order 2 sets. I DEFINATELY WONT now. Thanks heaps.

  11. Thank you so much everyone! I think this is a fantastic IDEA, but it’s such a shame that it falls short of actually working. I hope someone someday makes this idea work well and without the scam portion too.

    I’m glad I read these reviews before wasting my time, money and frustration. I’m sorry for everyone else’s misfortune, but I’m thankful that you warned the rest of us.

  12. I URGE YOU NOT TO BUY THESE CONTAINERS! They are completely defective, and the company can’t be reached for redress except by robot. THEIR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE IS A LIE!

    I bought a set of these containers about five or six years ago. They were great. Because of attrition over time, I thought I should restock the set. So last month I bought one, and ordered three more for gifts.

    As soon I opened the box on my new set of What’O Wipoff containers, I could see they were different. Where the old ones I bought were flexible and worked extremely well, the new version was very, very brittle. Trying to snap the containers shut caused the plastic to break. Trying to open them causes the plastic to break. I have washed them in hot water, run them through the dishwasher and microwave–hoping to see them become more flexible. No luck. As careful as I try to be, they still break. They catch on something in the dishwasher and snap, plastic goes flying, leaving unsafe, jagged edges on the so-called containers. Over half of them have already broken and are in the trash.

    I called WOW to send them back. There are no operators “Standing By,” only a robot. The offer: They will refund your money if you pay shipping and handling to send them back. So, I paid $52 dollars for a set of four WOW Containers and paid $37 for shipping and handling. To send them back will cost me about $36 in postal fees. So, for a mere cost of $73 dollars, I get the privilege of ending up with nothing. What a deal. You have all been warned.

  13. Thank you everyone for posting your comments and saving me the hassle of buying and returning them. I sure wish someone would invent a good quality of this product. The idea behind it is very good.

  14. I am so disappointed in these containers – fabulous idea but poorly made. I agree with all previous postings – the clips break or do not do up – I badly cut my finger on a clip opening a container this week. I’ve only used these containers several times (although they look great in the cupboard as they take up so little room). My first use was some liquid in one of the deep lids with another lid on top. Problem #1 the clips wouldn’t do up Problem #2 there was a hole in the centre of the bottom lid and it leaked through the fridge. Only one side of any lid seems to clip and already one brand new container has split after only one use – I’m furious!!! If this great idea had been developed for the retail trade and manufactured to Australian standards, then we would have been able to purchase a great product albeit at a higher price. I am going to report them to the Department of Fair Trading for them to take up the issue.

  15. My Mom bought these for me and herself a set also. The very first container I put the lid on snapped off. Tried again, it snapped again. I called the company (I am in Canada) and some lady called me back (sounded like she was calling from her home) and told me that she had them and had never had a problem with them and had never heard of anyone else having a problem. I honestly thought I was alone…until I read all the posts. I then used some to freeze down ground beef but broke 3 snaps in the process. When I took out the frozen container and took off the lids both sides snapped into pieces. I cannot get my money back but will never buy anything from them again as they obviously don’t test their products!

  16. Thank you to those peoflple who have posted their feedback on this product, I have just seen the ad and I also thought WOW what a good product, because of all you people I will not be buying this product. Thanks Again
    South Australia

  17. Thanks to everyone who posted feedback. I was going to buy these in Australia, now I won’t. I have learnt to check anything on internet now before I become another disappointed customer. How can they get away with inferior product! Thank you thank you thank you.

  18. t

  19. Have just seen the ads on tv in Australia and was very tempted to buy- they looked brilliant.So glad I checked it out first and thanks heaps to all who have posted their comments. You have saved me the time,money and hassles as I won’t bother now.
    Denise in Aus
    Jan 7th

  20. Just received my WOW containers. Great concept but with one BIG PROBLEM…


    The seals are rubbish. Plastic is brittle, have already cracked one trying to push them together. Isn’t the main purpose of food containers to be air tight, to keep your food fresh??

    In the first 2 minutes of opening the package I suspected that the seals were no good. So to test them out I half filled one with water, locked them together (even with the extra tabs) and turned it on it’s side. The water dribbled straight out the corners!

    Microwave Safe – CHECK
    Dishwasher Safe – CHECK
    Freezer Safe – CHECK
    Air Tight – FAIL

    Most people would simply assume that food containers are air tight which is why you wouldn’t expect to see this as an advertised feature. Guess again!

    I’ll be sending ours back tomorrow.
    Hope someone makes a better version.

  21. OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! In Australia we just had the ads start and I was like ‘How cool? Mum would love these I’ll order them online for her’. Now I’m not going to buy them. Thank you to every one who took the time to post what happened with your sets.

  22. Just received the WOW containers for xmas and while putting them away I decided to see how well they worked. Two broken seals already and I only tried to seal two. How utterly disappointing! I was so excited when I opened these on xmas eve. I can’t tell my mother-n-law that they are junk! Very SAD!

  23. My wife purchased a set of these containers in December of 2010. She was very excited because she had seen the commercials. Sadly, the first time she used them the container rim broke when she attempted to close the container. She took the containers back to the store for an exchange, and the second set did the exact same thing. The plastic is poor quality. Beware of these products.

  24. Christine hit it right on the money. The reason they give you 2, 3 or 4 extra sets of whatever they are selling is so they can charge you inflated shipping and “handling” charges for each piece they send you! I used to work in a warehouse that shipped these things out and they intentionally ship all the products seperately.

  25. The whole problem with “as seen on TV products” is that they are cheap junk. All the products are great ideas but they are poorly made. You can find all these items for a little more at stores or places on the internet and they are good products. 40 pieces of tupperware for $20?!?!? REMEMBER, IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!

  26. I can’t believe I didn’t think to check out this company before I ordered the cheesy containers. Every lid tab broke off when I tried to fasten it. I realize now that the scam is that they are making money on S&H. They even offer you a small credit to keep the containers. Isn’t that a dead give away? They don’t even want their own crap back. They just want the shipping and handling money which is more than the product. I’m fighting to get my S&H back too. I think a class action law suit should be considered by all. My credit card company is looking into this for me.

  27. We got scammed too! We must have sucker written all over our faces. The $20 kit showed up as $110 on the statement. After calling them and getting the run around, they were oh so kind enough to give us $30 back on our account. What nice people they are, NOT!! Learn from our mistake and don’t fall for this. We think that we have learned our lesson. We will check out companies from now on, before we order.

  28. We ordered these containers only to be charged $70.80 for a $30.00 order. Also, they are JUNK. The seals don’t work. They break when you try to close them and they even can cut your fingers.

  29. I hate to agree but it is so…
    not high quality at all and they break so easy.
    waste of money, plus I bought them as a birthday gift also, so I feel very cheap.
    Great idea, but needs to be re-thought…

  30. these things are total junk I am so sad bought for gifts for friends and they are total junk break leak and jsut useless, and to return they are so bulky to get your money back it would cost a fortune unfortunately bought by bank card so cannot get money back but am lodging a complaint with better business bureau.
    worst hting is I threw out all the decent tupperware I had when this arrived so now really stuck

  31. Thanks for the reviews. I too was about to order.I just decided to do some research first.
    Call your credit card company and see if they won’t reverse the charge. You may have to send a letter also, but it will be worth it.

  32. Thanks so much for the reviews. Like others said, these look like a really good idea and I was going to give them a try as our local kitchen store has them available but now I won’t bother. THANKS!

  33. To all of you who took the time to post your personal experiences with this product – THANK YOU! for taking the time to post it. Kept me from wasting my money.
    I WILL highly recommend Lock & Lock products. While they are more expensive, they do not leak at all.
    I camp every year for 2weeks – rains at least twice during that time (read: monsoon-like). Anything in my Lock & Locks stays DRY. Doesn’t leak. Easy to open and close. Wish they had
    And, no, I do not work for that company!!!!

  34. ZIKES! I was just about to order these, they really looked like a great idea. But I am so thankful that I took the time to check out this site first. Thanks to all of you who took the time to inform us.

  35. I am returning these containers. They do not lock tightly and it is to hard to get them locked. Gail Hernandez

  36. DO NOT ORDER THESE CONTAINERS! I ordered them about a month or two ago. They are TERRIBLE. They do not work, and I’ve broken most of them.

    EVEN WORSE, I got a strange call from some “marketing” company. They HAD MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION from this purchase! I did a little investigating and found out that MANY people are getting ADDITIONAL, UNAUTHORIZED charges on their accounts!!!!! I now have to freeze my account, get a new card, etc!

    Do a little Web search for “WOW CONTAINER SCAM” and you will find the resources you need to make an educated decision. I wish I had looked a little more before purchasing.

  37. Same story here. Recieved as a gift. Try to seal a lid as they show it on TV and the clasps crack and when you force a lid the container cracks! Great idea but poor quality and doesn’t even begin to work like they show on TV. Don’t buy!!!

  38. I was about to order these for myself & my 3 daughters. Am so glad I decided to go online to do so instead of calling!! Had credit card at the ready, but thanks to all who posted warnings, I will not order & waste my $$. Although I am sorry for those who have already lost $$ on this item, I do appreciate that you took time to warn the rest of us!!

  39. all negative comments are true…..1st couple of lids snapped nicely and then a bunch wouldn’t and if your try hard they crack…..How do I get my money back???? I have had Tupperware for 25 years that is still good and that’s all I’ll buy……..first and last TV ad purchase for me.


  40. This is a good idea, but I agree with the other posts. You get what you pay for and these containers are junk. At least a third of the latches on my set don’t work and will break if you try to make them catch. Stick with Tupperware and Rubbermade.

  41. THANKS for the reviews. I was about to order as they look like a great idea/product on TV. I hope they fix the quality issues, as this looks like it could be really useful.

  42. Probably just another get rich, made in china scheme. If it sounds to go to be true, still holds true these days folks. Keep your hard earned money and buy some quality made in America brands. God bless

  43. I agree with the other posters these are very low quality. Hard to fasten, not air tight. It looks like who ever invented these had a very good idea, but they are very cheaply made. I would have rather paid 20 bucks for 20 containers that were well made. Instead of 40 pieces of useless junk. I just wish I had read the reviews first. I will know better next time. I should have waited for the new improved version. I’m sure they will be coming out with one very soon.

  44. Do NOT ORDER THESE WOW CONTAINERS! They are a complete scam. None of the lids fit and if you try to get them to seal they break! Who ever invented these is an idiot. Warn everyone you know not to buy these. They should be banned from selling these immediately. I will be reporting them the the better business bureau and everyone else that I can find.

  45. These containers are junk! I’m sorry I purchased them! They are hard to seal and when you do manage to get it all snapped together it’s not air tight, in other words it will leak. I would not recommend these containers to anyone!

  46. I’ve ordered this product 5 weeks ago and still haven’t seen any sign that it’s going to be shipped to me. My order shows as pending. I would love to know when I’m going to get my order.

  47. where is this product made? is is freezer safe? can it go from a freezer to a microwave in one step without melting?

    thank you for your response.

  48. I ordered three set of the WOW containers back in the January. I see that there is a pending hold on my credit card for 59.97 for this order. As of yet I have not recieved them. Can you please inform me as to when I might be able to get my order.

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