New Product Tuesday with Vince Offer’s Schticky

Visit Schticky official website from Vince OfferAfter the amazing success of ShamWow and Slap Chop, pitchmen and filmmaker Vince Offer suffered a setback after his February 2009 arrest in Florida for an altercation with a prostitute. Although he’s since made parody commercials like this 2010 spot for Eminem’s Recovery CD, we’ve been waiting over three years for a new As Seen on TV product and commercial from Vince.

Now he’s back with the Schticky, a reusable lint roller and general picker-upper that comes in multiple sizes. Since Vince is the master of schtick, this is a sublimely appropriate product name. In addition to sight gags and double entendres, Vince has added a Grouchoesque creeping crouch to his short-form repertoire. We see the Schticky pick up lint, pet hair, breakfast cereal, cat litter and pennies in this new spot, but it begs the question: Can the Schticky pick up hookers?

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