New Product Tuesday with UGlu Adhesive

Click to visit UGlu Official WebsiteUGlu is a new all-purpose adhesive you may have seen advertised on TV recently. Here’s what your Savvy Shopper likes about this sticky product:

  1. UGlu comes in sheets. Just peel away the backing and stick. Totally not messy and won’t dry out like the old bottles of glue you have sitting on the shelf. Nothing to mix like epoxy.
  2. Works on wood, plastics, fabrics, metals, ceramics and more. One glue for all jobs around the house. Sticks to everything but your fingers, according to the ad.
  3. Removes easily without residue or mess.
  4. One of the best short-form infomercials I’ve seen. Fast-paced with lively music, creative editing, and oodles of convincing demonstrations of the product.
  5. An engaging spokesperson who is both likable and credible. He’s truly excited to tell you about UGlu sans carnival barker brashness. Who is this guy? I predict a great career as pitchman if he that’s a career path he chooses to pursue.

What I don’t like about UGlu:

  1. The name, which is pronounced “You Glue.” It sounds good when you say it, but shoved together into one word, someone who hasn’t seen the commercial might think it’s pronounced “Ugg Glue.”
  2. I’ve seen quite enough creative capitalization in product names, thank you. If you really need to capitalize the second letter of the name, don’t capitalize the first letter too. Follow Apple’s lead (iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad) and make it uGlu instead. Capitalizing the first two letters is just hard to read.
  3. Why is the spokesperson wearing a headset? That’s Vince from ShamWow’s shtick. Why try to copy him?

Watch the spot and let me know what you think:

3 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with UGlu Adhesive

  1. So what if he’s gay? As a gay man myself,I wish he was. The guy’s quite good looking. What’s his name anyway? He does look familar.

  2. At the 0:39 mark, he waved the hand like every other gay dude does. He is gay. What is his name so I can look him up?

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