New Product Tuesday with Trendy Top

Trendy Top Wrap ReviewLow-rise, tight-fitting jeans have been the fashion standard for some time now. Wearers of high-waisted, loose-fitting dungarees are frequently ridiculed in the media for sporting “mom jeans,” a dreadful fashion faux pas for teen stars and presidential candidates alike.

One problem with low-rise jeans is their tendency to reveal more than you may want others to see. If you’re not as svelte as a runway model, you might prefer to not show everyone your muffin top or granny panties every time you bend forward more than a few degrees.

Today’s new product offers an inventive solution to this fashion dilemma. Trendy Top is a faux partial t-shirt tube you wear around your hips to keep your midsection covered when your top slides up or your jeans slide down. I came up with several taglines for Trendy Top, including:

  • The dickie for your hips
  • The tube top for your butt
  • The Butt-ker-chief

The Trendy Top folks rejected all of these, preferring to label it “The top that’s not.” Whatever you call it, you get four Trendy Tops in black, white, beige and gray, plus free Style Snaps too, all for $10 plus shipping.

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