New Product Tuesday with The Flex Mini

The Flex Mini Bottom & Thigh Toning BeltAb toning belts have been around for a decade or more, promising to give you washboard abs without exercise by delivering small electrical jolts to tone your muscles. My old building manager even appeared in an ad for one of these devices.

Enter The Flex Mini. Now you can tone your butt and thighs with the same technology. Although it looks like steampunk fetish gear, The Flex Mini claims to be the only FDA-cleared product for lifting, firming and toning the buttocks and upper backs of the thighs, clinically demonstrated to deliver results for 100% of users. The Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology is the same used for years by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

It’s suggested that you can wear the belt under your clothes while you go about the daily activities. The video shows a mother taking her kid to the playground. I guess you could wear The Flex Mini in public, but it’s hard to imagine that no one around you will notice you’re experiencing “deep, yet comfortable contractions working your butt and upper back of the thigh muscles.” Visit the official website for more information.

On another note, back in January we featured the Royal Heirloom Ring, a replica of the engagement ring worn by both Lady Diana and Kate Middleton. As UnSeen On TV has posted about a more upscale replica of the ring from online retailer Stauer.

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