New Product Tuesday with the Dreamie

Your Savvy Shopper had a little beginning-of-the-work-week-after-holiday-weekend confusion and forgot that it was already time for another New Product Tuesday! That would be a shame, because today’s feature is the most exciting new product I’ve seen in months! The Dreamie provides instant bedding wherever and whenever you need it, because it’s a top sheet, bottom sheet and pillowcase all in one. Perfect for when your wife kicks you out of the bed and you need to sleep on the sofa! Just checked into a sleazy motel and the bed linens don’t look too clean? Just throw your freshly-laundered Dreamie on top of the bed and you won’t need to wonder if those stains are fresh. If you’re too cheap to pay for a motel, the original Dreamie makes sleeping in the car more comfortable. Just carry it with you wherever you go (in the free carrying case) and you can just lay down and catch some ZZZZs whenever you get sleepy!

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