New Product Tuesday with the BeDazzler

“Hi, I’m Tana. Remember me?” So starts this BeDazzler spot. No, Tana, I don’t remember you or the BeDazzler. I guess I’m not part of the target demographic. Tana goes on to say she searched all over New York and couldn’t find even one BeDazzler. Were you surprised, Tana? Did you really think that the fashionistas of Manhattan would be clamoring to attach fake gems all over their designer duds?

Well, Tana found the BeDazzler, and I’m guessing she found it in the good old Midwest where I grew up. Here in the heartland, many women (and some men, like Milwaukee’s Liberace) never saw a rhinestone they didn’t want to attach to a piece of clothing or a fashion accessory.

So, I say to all soccer, hockey and NASCAR moms, “You go, girls.” Get the BeDazzler and cover everything you own in beautiful, glittery goodness. If you can’t afford to buy new clothes in today’s economy, then add some bling instead!

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