New Product Tuesday with Super Wave Oven

Sharper Image Super Wave OvenSavvy Shopper here, back again to gaze in disbelief at the never-ending parade of countertop cookers. Never satisfied, Americans are constantly seduced by new grills and ovens that promise faster, more energy-efficient and healthier cooking than can be accomplished with pots and pans and conventional gas or electric ranges. Today’s candidate is the Sharper Image Super Wave Oven, which seems suspiciously similar to the Morningware Halo Oven. But we know that direct marketers would never copy their competitor’s product, right?

Anyway, the Super Wave Oven claims to cook virtually anything 3X faster and with up to 80% less energy than other methods. Plus you get a “free” blender and knife set, just pay extra shipping. Let’s add up the S&H. $19.95 for the oven, $19.95 for the blender, and $14.95 for the knife set. That $54.85, just in shipping. When you add in the 3 payments of $39.95, the total price is $174.70. This may still be a great deal, especially since The Sharper Image claims it’s a $500 value. Learn more at the official Super Wave Oven website.

2 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Super Wave Oven

  1. Just purchased this Super Wave Oven, but have not received it yet. I was told that a recipe book did not come with it, so I had to order one for $19.95. What is the difference between the NuWave Oven, and NuWaveTM Oven PIC and the Super Wave Oven. After I ordered the (Super Wave Oven), I saw a commercial on the NuWave Oven and they offered to purchase one and they would give you the second one FREE. I almost called and cancelled so I could go and buy the get one FREE, but I didn’t. OH, had to pay shipping and handling when on TV it was stated that it was FREE SHIPPING, so don’t believe everything that you see on TV.

  2. Can I buy jus Super Wave Oven? I don´t need set of knives or a blender. What is the price of it? What does it include? After I order the product. How many days I have to wait for the product?

    I will wait your answer. I want to buy this appliance.



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