New Product Tuesday with Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum

Sudden Change Under Eye Firming SerumLadies, do you wake up with wrinkled or tired-looking eyes? Sudden Change is an under eye firming serum that makes some powerful claims about its ability to visibly reduce dark circles, baggy eyes and wrinkles. The unretouched photos in the video seem to confirm a younger, fresher look to eyes almost immediately after application of Sudden Change. Like most beauty products, it’s marketed to women, but image-conscious guys may be tempted to try it as well. I’ll bet it works better and is less creepy than using Preparation H on your eyes.

My only beef with Sudden Change is the name. I know that beauty companies have already trademarked almost every combination of words like instant, rapid, firming, intensive, timeless, ultra, renewal, illuminating, etc., etc. etc. Sudden Change is certainly descriptive, but I’m not sure it’s a good choice for a beauty product. Sudden is not a word with universally positive connotations. Sudden Change can be bad as well as good, and is often used when discussing falling stock prices, coup d’états and behavioral problems. Why not Rapid Improvement, Instant Enhancement, or Quick Correction? OK, those names aren’t any better, but you get the idea.

This under eye serum, even if badly named, does look very promising. So if you suddenly wake up with tired, wrinkled, baggy, dark-circled eyes, try Sudden Change.

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