New Product Tuesday with Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic Buy One Get One Free OfferBelieve me, your kid wants this. Kids love Slurpees, ICEEs, and Slush Puppies even in the depths of winter, and will demand one every time you’re within 100 yards of a 7-11. Now they can make their own brain-freezing slushy drinks at home. Slushy Magic transforms any drink into an instant slushy. No blender needed. Just freeze the reusable cubes, toss them in the cup, pour in your beverage and shake, shake, shake! Works with all drinks, including soda, juice, lemonade, even chocolate milk and yogurt. When you’re done enjoying your slushy treat, just rinse off the cubes, refreeze them, and your ready for more frozen fun. Perfect gift for kids of all ages.

But maybe this isn’t just for kids? How about instant frozen daiquiris and margaritas? This is BOGO offer, so maybe you can give one Slushy Magic to a kid and keep one for yourself.

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