New Product Tuesday with Slique Hair Threading System

Slique Threading Hair Removal SystemThreading is an ancient hair removal method practiced for centuries in countries like Egypt and India, and now popular in the U.S and Canada. A cotton thread is used to remove hair in a twisting motion. Threading doesn’t require any chemicals, waxes or electricity. Unlike waxing, it only removes the hair, not the top layer of your skin. It’s quick, because it removes an entire row of hair at a time, and it lasts up to six weeks. But threading is a difficult technique to learn, so it’s been strictly a spa or salon treatment. But not anymore.

Now there’s Slique, the breakthrough hair removal system that makes every woman an expert in spa-quality hair threading. With Slique you can have the same smooth, sexy and sleek hair-free skin enjoyed by models and celebrities, and you can affordably do it yourself right at home. Slique works on your upper lip, forehead, chin, sideburns, arms, finger, toes and more.

The Slique Spa-Quality Face & Body Hair Threading System includes everything you need to get started, including the Slique theader, mirrored carry case, ten epilation threads, instructional book and DVD, plus free samples of Slique’s epilation-enhancing skin care collection. Stop plucking and get sleek with Slique. This offer is not available in stores, so order today.

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