New Product Tuesday with Slice-O-Matic

Slice-O-Matic Official WebsiteVegetable choppers were the mainstay of the pitchman’s pitch at county fairs and on boardwalks decades before Ron Popeil introduced the Ronco Veg-o-Matic, the only As Seen on TV product in the Smithsonian Institution. Not satisfied with knives and graters, hungry consumers are always looking for a new way to slice a whole onion in seconds or prepare a mountain of julienne fries. The latest entry in this crowded market is the Slice-O-Matic from Telebrands, with name and function more than a little similar to its institutionalized predecessor.

What differentiates the Slice-O-Matic from the competition? Well, it has a lever and gearing system to propel and retract the cutting blade, thus reducing the effort needed to slice and chop. Also, it has a built-in catch container so those giant mounds of onions, carrots and celery won’t be flying around the kitchen. And because this offer is Buy One Get One Free, you can really reduce your meal prep by convincing your kids to stage competitions to see who can chop and slice the fastest.

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