New Product Tuesday with Simoniz Restorz It

Simoniz Restorz-ItA bad economy results in folks keeping cars longer. If sun and salt damage has made your car’s finish look as dull and lifeless as a dumpster behind a 7-11, Simoniz Restorz It claims its miracle paint restoration technology will restore your car’s color and shine with just a simple spray and rub. Restorz It has the patented 87 surface active agent, formulated to remove all surface contamination and oxidation and revive paint pigment and shine. Billy Mays wannabe Joe Fowler has stuffed his spare tire into the regulation blue shirt and khakis and is definitely using his outdoor voice in this short form spot set in a junkyard.

But wait, because it wouldn’t be a proper As Seen on TV offer if there wasn’t more. Not only do you get Restorz It, you also get Nitro Shine for your tires, a microfiber cloth, 3 wash mitts (with soap in the mitt) and even a bonus Turbo Vac. You won’t be surprised to hear there’s an extra shipping charge for the vac.

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