New Product Tuesday with Sideshow Skillet

Sideshow Skillet by Cathy MitchellI can’t get enough Cathy Mitchell, the Julia Child of the cooking infomercial (and someone who richly deserves a real Wikipedia article). Cathy is the most engaging and credible pitchwoman in the business, and she won my heart forever when she agreed to spoof herself on my favorite comedy TV show. Ms. Mitchell’s newest invention is the Sideshow Skillet, a really simple product.

It’s just a skillet divided into two cooking areas, one large and one small. Certainly not an original idea, but Cathy pitch is convincing. My favorite Sideshow Skillet use is for baking brownies, where it creates an extra piece (“for sneaky snackers”) you can break off and gobble up while leaving the main chunk untouched. Only someone who really loves food would think of that!

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