New Product Tuesday with Shirley Temple DVD Box Set

Shirley Temple DVD Set As Seen on TVShirley Temple is unarguably the biggest child film star of all time. At the height of her popularity in the 1930s, she made dozens of shorts and features, and her name and likeness were used to sell dolls, dishes, soap, books, cereal and even Packard automobiles. Her films were shown widely on TV in the 1950s and 60s, so most baby boomers grew up with Shirley just like their parents.

Today’s kids have never experienced the timeless magic of Shirley Temple. If you’d like to share Shirley with your children or grandchildren, or just want to enjoy her again yourself, there’s the new Shirley Temple Little Darling DVD Collection, with 18 classic films in both black and white and color. You may not prefer the digitally colorized versions, but just try and get today’s kids to watch a black and white movie! This collection gives you the choice. All aboard the Good Ship Lollipop! Here’s where to order.

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