New Product Tuesday with Sharper Image Super Grill

Sharper Image Super GrillWhy are Americans so fascinated with countertop electric grills? Makes you wonder if there are a lot of homes with non-functioning stoves. The Sharper Image folks go so far as to suggest you use their new Super Grill to prepare all your meals, breakfast through dinner. Maybe that’s not such a wacky idea, since the 1500 watt Super Grill can grill both sides of a steak at the same time, plus use the interchangeable plates to perform cool culinary tricks like making panini sandwiches and waffles.

2 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Sharper Image Super Grill

  1. I am not sure that this product is really a good substitue for your actual grill or stove top. I think that there is something to having your spatula and grill and not just a thing that you smash your burgers with.

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