New Product Tuesday with Secret Solutions Shapewear

Secret Solutions Woman Within plus-size shapewearIt’s not clear when foundation garments acquired their new trendy name: Shapewear. While many Americans exercise and diet to improve their appearance, others choose a different approach and conceal their figure faults with body shaping undergarments. We already feature several shapewear product videos on our site, including Kymaro Curve Control Jeans and Slim N Lift for women, plus Slim Ts and Insta Slim for men.

Today we introduce Secret Solutions from Woman Within Braless Full Body Plus-Size Shaper (wow, that’s a lot of branding). Secret Solutions claims to be the only shapewear spun as one piece for seamless comfort and made exclusively in pluswear sizes. If you’re a plus-size woman who wants to secretly shape and smooth your tummy, hips, buns and back, this may be the shape-shifting shapewear for you.

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