New Product Tuesday with Push Up Pump

Push Up PumpThe push up is the Rodney Dangerfield of exercises. It just doesn’t get any respect. Instead of being valued for its ability to benefit muscle groups throughout the body, it’s often used as sadistic punishment by gym teachers and drill sergeants. The new Push Up Pump exercise machine is on a mission to get the push up the fitness respect it justly deserves.

Push Up Pump aims to supercharge your push up, simultaneously engaging muscles all over your body and achieving an entire core workout in just five minutes a day. Watch the video to see how the three different hand positions provide support and targeted isolation to work your back, shoulders, chest, biceps, arms and calves. Three color-coded resistance cables provide additional resistance as your strength increases. Can Push Up Pump really provide the benefits of a whole room of fitness equipment?

4 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Push Up Pump

    1. Hi Mark, our site streams TV commercials from both the past and present. When possible, we link to where the products may be purchased, but some products may no longer be available.

  1. ordered push up pump over a month ago,called c/s they advised item on back order and cannot be shipped for another 30 days——i cancelled order

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