New Product Tuesday with Plaque Blast

Plaque Blast stops bad breath in dogs and catsIf you’ve seen both TV commercials, you might think Plaque Blast is just a knockoff of the very successful Plaque Attack. Both pet products claim to eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, plus control tartar, plaque and bacteria in dogs and cats. The big difference? Dr. George’s Plaque Blast doesn’t contain any alcohol, which can be bad for your pet.

Dogs and cats often need to go under general anesthetic for teeth cleanings or other dental work, and it’s expensive and traumatic for your pet. Regular use of Plaque Blast can help keep teeth and gums healthy and reduce the need to visit the vet for dental care. So when your pet wants to be close, but its breath is brutally gross, Plaque Blast really improves quality of life for both of you.

2 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Plaque Blast

  1. I love love love this product!!!! I used this on my dog and surprisingly he didn’t give me trouble with the plaque blast, not like other products I’ve tried. The plaque blast actually works!!

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