New Product Tuesday with Pajama Jeans

Women wearing Pajama JeansLadies, let’s face it. Sometimes you feel tired and/or lazy, and you stoop to running your daily errands attired in comfy sweat pants. Does it make you feel like a slob? It should, because everyone really is looking at you and thinking, “She’s a total slob.” Today’s new product was tailor-made for women like you who always like to appear smartly attired. Pajama Jeans look just like stylish designer boot-cut jeans, but they feel and stretch just like your favorite PJ’s or sweats.

Pajama Jeans are made from stretchable and comfortable DormiSoft fabric, a special blend of cotton and spandex. They have no zipper or buttons, so just slip them on and and you’re out the door. Complete your ensemble with the grey crewneck tee you receive free with your Pajama Jeans order.

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