New Product Tuesday with P90X2

P90X2 Extreme Workout New and ImprovedIntroducing the new and improved P90X2 extreme workout. You may have thought that sequels were for movies, books and video games only, but you’d be wrong. Now Beachbody has ramped up Tony Horton’s 90-day DVD fitness program to confuse your muscles even more with a new training technique called P.A.P., or post-activation potentiation.

All you need for the program is a TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player, a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands, a place to do pull-ups, and an hour a day. There are also P90X2 Deluxe and Ultimate kits with additional equipment designed to help you reach your fitness, strength and endurance goals. Beachbody audaciously claims that P90X2 is better training than most pro athletes receive.

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