New Product Tuesday with My Lil’ Pie Maker

My Lil' Pie Maker As Seen on TVMy Lil’ Pie Maker follows in the footsteps of Big Top Cupcake, Perfect Brownie, Cake Pops and many other As Seen on TV products determined to stuff Americans full of sugary, calorie-laden desserts. I don’t know how many calories there are in a home-baked cherry My Lil’ Pie, but a Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie has 480 calories. That’s almost one-quarter of the average recommended adult daily calorie intake. Sorry for the buzzkill. Must be because I just got back from vacation with an additional five pounds of junk food in my trunk. I’ll start over.

Bake mini pies at home! No pastry is more American than fresh hot pie, straight from the oven, covered with ice cream and topped with whipped cream. My Lil’ Pie Maker celebrates American independence by providing every guest or family member with their own personal pie (or two). You can always diet tomorrow!

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