New Product Tuesday with My BFF (My Best Fish Friend)

My Best Fish Friend at the Fair
My Best Fish Friend Pitched at the MN State Fair

Your Savvy Shopper saw My BFF (My Best Fish Friend) in person at the Minnesota State Fair last week, where I snapped these pix. I left convinced that the contents of this little box will definitely grow real live fish.

There were tiny fish swimming in aquariums and even a huge martini glass. The kids in the crowd were captivated. You can see the young boy at the bottom of the first photo begging his parents to make the purchase. My BFF could be a great way to introduce your kid to the fun and responsibility of pet ownership.


One thought on “New Product Tuesday with My BFF (My Best Fish Friend)

  1. My kids and I grew 6 fish within a few hours and they are now getting color just in a few weeks. We are very excited

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