New Product Tuesday with Music Bullet

Music Bullet Portable SpeakerPublic spaces were a little more tuneful back in the 1980s. Sure, some music lovers were listening privately with the new Sony Walkman. But the eighties was also the decade of the boombox. Dedicated music lovers made cassette mixtapes from vinyl singles and LPs, hoisted improbably large and loud portable stereos onto their shoulders, then traveled the urban landscape on foot to lovingly share their favorite music whether you wanted to hear it or not. They spent all their disposable income and overflowed landfills with mounds of the D batteries giant boomboxes consumed eight or ten at a time.

Today, you can share your music with the public without dislocating your shoulder, thanks to the new Music Bullet. It’s a tiny portable speaker you can hold in the palm of your hand. Connect it to the headphone jack on your iPod or smartphone, and you’re ready to blast your latest playlist at volumes that might violate some local noise ordinances. Music Bullet has big sound with kickin’ bass, and it’s rechargeable. And you don’t need to carry it around. Set it down on the sidewalk and dance around it. Bring it inside and liven up that boring city council meeting or public restroom. You don’t need a permit to carry the Music Bullet.

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