New Product Tuesday with Muscle Warfare

Muscle Warfare Nutritional SupplementsYour Savvy Shopper would love to be in better shape, but I’m not sure I’m ready to attack my body with Muscle Warfare, NMDA-enhanced bodybuilding supplements described as a “highly explosive muscle growth munitions stockpile that may detonate upon contact.” Muscle Warfare products have names like Napalm, Nuke and MOAB (Mother of All Bombs), and are not for wimps, according to the official website. I was always taught that the body was a temple, not a military target, but maybe that’s why I’m a skinny weakling who avoids the beach and its roving gangs of sand-kicking bullies.

If you aspire to be a MMA warrior, and you’re ready to unleash these weapons of flab destruction on your pathetic girly-man body, claim your free trial.

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