New Product Tuesday with Miracle Socks

Miracle Socks link to official websiteLike most people, you probably don’t put socks at the top of your holiday wish list. But if you’re a frequent flyer or artists’ model, you might want to ask Santa to drop a pair or two of Miracle Socks down the chimney this year. Remaining motionless for long periods of time increases your chances of developing dangerous blood clots in the legs, sometimes resulting in heart attack or stroke.

Compression stockings like Miracle Socks have been shown to improve circulation and reduce the risk of symptomless blood clots during long flights, or any time you have to sit for long periods. And Miracle Socks look just like regular socks, so no one will know you’re wearing them. Don’t depend on Santa, because he might just keep your Miracle Socks to wear on his upcoming overnight flight. Better buy a couple pair for yourself. It’s a BOGO offer.

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