New Product Tuesday with Magic Crisp

Magic Crisp Microwave Crisping TrayOne thing’s for certain when it comes to As Seen on TV products: what’s old will someday be new again (or presented as such). Back in 1982, my then-girlfriend’s mother gave us her old microwave when she purchased a new one. One of the accessories she included with this generous gift was a round plastic microwave crisping tray with raised ribs and a channel around the perimeter to capture grease. It worked pretty well to cook bacon and reheat pizza. In fact, it was very similar to today’s “new” product, the Magic Crisp. That’s not a bad thing, because useful products are always welcome in the home, even if they’re not newly invented.

BTW, my girlfriend let me keep the hand-me-down nuker when she moved out after our relationship fizzled. It reheated pizza for several more years, until the morning your Savvy Shopper awoke to no clean underwear. I washed a pair in the sink, then wondered how I would get them dry so I could get on the road and not be late for work. You know where this is heading. My bright idea was to dry them in the microwave. This plan probably would have worked, had I stayed in the kitchen and monitored the progress closely. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard the sounds of fail. I rushed to the kitchen to discover my tighty whities on fire and a lightning storm taking place inside the microwave. I pulled the plug, opened the door, grabbed the undies with tongs and flung them in the sink. The microwave was fried, but luckily I didn’t set my apartment building on fire.

Disaster averted, I dressed and left for work. I’d be going commando.

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