New Product Tuesday with Loud N Clear

Loud N ClearKnockoffs, copycats, lookalikes — call them what you like. If a product becomes popular and is making serious money, other marketers will want in on the action. So just like Zorbeez begat ShamWow, and PetiCure begat PediPaws, SilverSonic XL now has a new competitor: Loud N Clear.

Hey Product-making people! And I mean the folks who named Scoop N Grind, Turk N Surf, Pasta N More and oodles of others. Stop naming products with “N” in the middle. First, punctuation and HTML do not get along, and on As Seen On TV Video, the product name becomes the name of the page itself. The other problem is nobody agrees on how to format the name and it oftens appears multiple ways on the same webpage. It can be:

  • Loud N Clear
  • Loud n Clear
  • Loud ’n’ Clear
  • Loud ’n Clear
  • Loud n’ Clear
  • Loud-N-Clear

And that’s just a start. As far as what is actually correct, if “n” is a contraction for “and,” shouldn’t there be apostrophes on both sides?

Anyway, Loud N Clear looks just like Silver Sonic XL, and we assume it works the same way. We’d love to hear from anyone who has done a comparison of the two products.

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