New Product Tuesday with Gyro Bowl

Gyro Bowl

The Gyro Bowl meets all the criteria for a successful As Seen on TV product. It solves a common problem (kids spill their snacks), it’s easily and effectively demonstrated (invert bowl and contents do not spill) and it’s a new and unique product with a serious wow factor. While the Gyro Bowl is a practical item that appeals to parents and grandparents, it’s definitely a kid’s toy as much as it’s a utensil.

Just watch the spot. You’ll be wowed. Your Savvy Shopper predicts big sales.

3 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Gyro Bowl

  1. I can tell you- this loopa gyro bowl is awesome! It’s got a lot more uses than just putting kids snacks in- you cam use it for little odds and ends that you don’t want spilling… Or my personal favorite: use it to put small screws and stuff in when you’re taking electronics apart so you don’t lose them!

    And Frank- I’m sure if it’s been advertised all over television- it probably has a patent.

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