New Product Tuesday with GLH Spray On Hair in a Can

GLH Spray On Hair in a Can Before and After PhotosOK, GLH Formula is definitely not new. But it is new to our site. While no longer advertised on TV, we just learned this historic product is still available for purchase. Invented by As Seen on TV pioneer Ron Popeil, GLH is short for Great Looking Hair, and it’s a spray-on powder that clings to and thickens hair, covering bald spots for men and hiding thinning hair in women. The GLH Finishing Shield and GLH Shampoo complete the system.

I know you laughed at hair-in-a-can when you saw it advertised on TV in the 1990s, back when you had a full, healthy head of hair. Now that you’re older and your cranial coverage is not as thick and luxurious as days of yore, GLH Formula may be looking like a viable option. And today you can order GLH online. GLH will come to your door in a box marked Ronco, so even the UPS man won’t guess your secret to great looking hair.

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