New Product Tuesday with Germ Bloc

Image of Germ Bloc in use. Link to Germ Bloc official website.My mother was an extreme germophobe. There was no five second rule in our home. If food hit the floor, it went in the trash. Immediately after entering the house, you washed your hands. Touching the garbage can could mean a change of clothes. Mom would have loved Germ Bloc. This wallet-shaped device consists of a polycarbonate plastic shell surrounding a replaceable anti-microbial pad. The idea is to hold Germ Bloc in your hand and use it to grab anything you encounter that might be contaminated with icky germs, like toilet flush handles, door knobs, trash cans and gas pumps.

Germ Bloc even comes with an attachable cord reel so you can proudly hang it from your belt or purse and make the bold statement that you’re on the front lines in the war against germs.

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