New Product Tuesday with Genie Bra

The Genie Bra Official WebsiteYour Savvy Shopper is not an expert in women’s undergarments. Wait, maybe that came out wrong. I’ll start again. Like many men, I don’t know nearly as much about brassieres as I do about sports, cars or craft beer. So you may well be skeptical when I tell you the Genie Bra is so named because it’s modeled after the custom bra in which Barbara Eden enjoyed comfort, lift, separation, and freedom from back fat during long hours filming episodes of the classic TV series I Dream of Jeannie.

The truth is, the Genie Bra is one of the top-selling infomercial products in the country. The women in the video really seem to like it, and they look great while wearing it. Still, I’m not qualified to provide a personal endorsement. Ladies, if you’ve tried the Genie Bra, how do you like it? Here’s where to order.

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