New Product Tuesday with EZ Moves

EZ Moves Furniture MoverYour Savvy Shopper’s better half was a mistress of feng shui long before she’d ever heard the term. Throughout our long and happy union, she’s constantly been rearranging the furniture in every room of our home, trying to find the arrangement that will satisfy her aesthetic requirements as well as align us in perfect balance with the universe. Up to now, I’ve been the reluctant assistant in this weekly activity.

Then I discovered EZ Moves, a lever and sliding pad system that multiplies your strength up to 10 times so you can lift and move heavy furniture all on your own. Just lift, slide the pads into place, then gracefully glide that heavy couch to its most harmonious location. With EZ Moves, wifey can now rearrange furniture to her heart’s content all by herself. She’ll appreciate not having to hear my constant grumbling, and I’ll be out on the golf course instead of straining my back. Epic win-win!

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