New Product Tuesday with EZ Eyes Large Print Computer Keyboard

EZ Eyes Computer KeyboardOften, As Seen on TV products are true innovations, the result of years of basement tinkering by a dedicated inventor with an idea and a dream. Today’s new product is a minor enhancement to an existing product, but it’s an upgrade so obvious and so useful that it makes you wonder why no one ever thought of it before. The EZ Eyes Keyboard is a standard USB computer keyboard that works on both Macs and PCs.

EZ Eyes’ big selling point is that the letters, numbers and symbols are printed on the keys in high-contrast black-on-yellow, and in really large type that is four times bigger than standard keyboards. This makes the EZ Eyes Keyboard easy-to-read and can make typing easier. And for you sloppy typists that eat and drink while computing, EZ Eyes claims that if you accidentally spill liquid on your keyboard, it will drain right out and the keys will still work. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark version available for you computing night owls. With this double offer, get two EZ Eyes Keyboards, each with a free bonus ergonomic mouse.

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