New Product Tuesday with Eggies

Some believe that eggs are nature’s perfect food, although the Mayo Clinic recommends you limit your eggy intake due to their high cholesterol content. Hard boiling is one of the easiest ways to prepare this nutritious and delicious protein source, and it’s so easy that even kids can easily learn how to heat water in a pan and boil up a batch. But the makers of Eggies believe they have a better method. Ditch Mother Nature’s container and boil your egg in an Eggies plastic shell. There’s no more messy peeling, and you get flat-bottomed uniformly shaped hard-boiled eggs that stand up on their own. Too bad Eggies don’t come in colors, or they’d be perfect for Easter. Here’s where to buy.

Eggies System official website

2 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Eggies

  1. Eggies are the biggest disaster on the face of the earth. Not only are they hard to put together they leak during cooking. They barely hold a large egg and in tying to put the top ont the whites dribble out. They also are very difficult to clean, I never used such a bad product. If I didn’t pay more for the shipping and handling I would ask for my money back.

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