New Product Tuesday with Easy Dish

Easy Dish Official WebsiteDid you buy Easy Feet because you liked the idea of a car wash for your feet? If so, you might want to take a look at Easy Dish. This new dishwashing aid, with “over 10,000 super cleaning bristles,” is sort of like an Easy Feet for your dishes, glasses and silverware. Easy Dish claims to save water, time and money. If all of your dishes are dirty, and you tell your housemates it’s because you’ve been waiting for a miracle product to make dishwashing faster and easier, your excuse is no longer valid.

If Easy Dish is not awesome enough on its own, you also get a free bonus Easy Caddy (just pay extra shipping). Easy Caddy solves the seemingly unsolvable problem of how to slide countertop appliances a couple inches closer to the front of the counter. What will they think of next?

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