New Product Tuesday with Diva Dangler

Diva Dangler Earring Frame As Seen on TVThere’s something special about the word “dang.” It’s downright satisfying to say, since it’s one of the nastiest-sounding words you can safely utter in polite company. It was used to great effect in Roger Miller’s signature song “Dang Me,” and it’s now employed in the advertising slogan for an unlikely product, the Diva Dangler Earring Frame.

Although Your Savvy Shopper is a modern male with pierced ears, I haven’t worn dangling earrings since I hennaed my hair and played synthesizer in a 1980s new wave funk band. Even though I’m no diva, and I have no dangly ear jewelry to display, I just love the slogan. “Dang, I love my Diva Dangler.” How melodiously its alliteration travels off the tongue! And for some inexplicable reason, when women say “dang” it sounds really sexy. Dang it men, you should buy the Diva Dangler for the women in your life. Gift them with the Earring of the Month Club and keep the dang fun flowing all year ’round. Women, just treat your dang self. Here’s where to place your dang order. Dang.

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