New Product Tuesday with Bright Light Pillow

Bright Light PillowMany children need a night light in the bedroom to feel secure. But what about a pillow embedded with 24 LED lights that constantly switch between five different colors? Will falling asleep clutching a Bright Light Pillow give a kid a soothing send-off to dreamland? Perhaps, but for me I’m pretty sure it would a fuel a nightmare of epic proportions.YMMV.

Since parents aren’t made of AA batteries, the Bright Light Pillow has been thoughtfully designed to shut itself off after 15 minutes. A quick squeeze and the pillow is activated for another quarter hour of rainbow brightness.

If a pillow with colored flashing lights is not bright enough to banish all the monsters, there’s also an optional Bright Light Blanket that can light up the whole bed. You’ll see it in the commercial. Now, what if you took a lighted blanket and added sleeves? Could be coolish.

The pillow comes in heart, round and square shapes in either white or pink.

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