New Product Tuesday with Big Top Cupcake

Big Top Cupcake is a new product that requires little explanation. Here’s the sitch: It’s a pair of non-stick silicone pans in which you separately bake the top and bottom of humongous cupcakes bigger than your head. From toddlers to centenarians, everyone at the table is going to exhibit extreme gleefulness when a giant cupcake with sprinkles is served for dessert. Except for anorexics and dieters. Depending on choice of mix, filling and toppings, I’m guessing 8,000-12,000 calories in one Big Top Cupcake. And that’s why you never bake a Big Top Cupcake just for yourself, especially on a Saturday night when you’re home all alone feeling sorry for yourself because you’re not in a relationship and you’re sure you’ll remain all alone for eternity. Don’t bake it then.

43 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Big Top Cupcake

  1. Can some pretty please send me a copy of the ideas book? I bought the big top for my daughters first birthday and also did not receive an ideas book, and I can’t find a book anywhere. Please someone help?

  2. I got mine as a gift and didn’t receive the ideas book either. Just go to their website (, scroll to the bottom of the screen. There’s a section called “Ideas Book”. Click on it and it will open up another page. The Ideas Book is in a pdf format.

  3. I have just purchased this Giant Cupcake mold and to my disappointment, did not have the idea book or recipes in it. Will someone be so kind as to send me a copy of yours. I want to surprise my grandson with this for his birthday next week. Thank you so much. My email is Mary

  4. i enjoy baking. but have no idea how full the batter should be. if you could tell me how many boxes of cake mix to use, i can do the rest. please help. i dont want to use all the ingredients that are necessary and then have it fall apart. i look forward to someone helping me, preferably t v products, or anyone else who has had successfull results.

  5. Hi all, Im from Ireland and My boyfriend bought me the the mould as a present and never got the idea book with it. would there be any chance someone could email it to me too. Thanks a mill

  6. I have also just bought the giant cupcake – no idea how to use it – first try was a disaster. Would somebody please send me the pdf. Many thanks.
    By Jean October 15 2010

  7. Please any one kind enough to email copy of the idea book 🙂 it was given to me but there was no book. Thanks

  8. I’m from down under and like the other people I did’nt get the booklet if anyone could help with a .pdf copy I would really appreciate it.

    So annoying when things like this happen.

    Hope everyone enjoys making GIAN CUPCAKES.

  9. I bought mine from the store and it came with the booklet but my husband threw the box out with the book still in it! I only made this ccake once and do not want to screw it up by trying it on my own. If someone has the book can you please email it to me.

  10. Hi there. I was bought this as a gift and would really love to make the cake for my son’s 4th birthday (which is in 3 days!). I’d really appreciate the recipes if you have them. Thanks in advance! x x x

  11. Could someone send my the pdf if they have it?

    I am from Dundee Scotland I bought the mega cupcake mould but it did not have the recipe book could some one please email it to me. My 1st attempt was a disaster. Many thanks

  12. HI, I bought the bigtop cupcake mould to make for my daughters 2nd birthday party but they didn’t send me the idea book and I am kinda rubbish at baking. Could someone send my the pdf if they have it? It would be very much appreciated. My email is :, Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out xoxoxoxox

  13. Hi there, I’m from Australia and i recieved a Big Top Cup Cake for my birthday, to my disapointment the package did not come with the ideas booklet like it stated on the package 🙁 i love to bake and I’m not blaming my friends who bought the gift for me, but I am confused as to how do i use it now with no ideas booklet. I found this site and was hopeing that someone out there would be so kind to email me a copy of the ideas booklet also, it would be much appreciated and i would be so greatful to the person or people that can email me a copy of the ideas booklet at Thanking all of you kind people and wishing you all the best xoxoxo

  14. Hi all. I’m from Australia and this mega cupcake set was a gift for me as I love to bake, however, I didn’t get the ideas booklet or the cookie cutters either. Also, there are no instruction on how to use the silicone bake ware! I would really appreciate it if someone could email me the ideas booklet at Thank you in advance. x

  15. hi there i have also just brought the big top cupcake and didnt get the ideas book , my first one was a disaster and i would love it if anyone could email me the ideas book
    thank you very much

  16. Hi, I just brought the big top cupcake but also didn’t get the ideas book. The first cake I make was a disaster, it collapsed when I tried to remove it from the silicon. Can someone email me the ideas book?

  17. Im from down under … my friend got me a A Big Top Cupcake while overseas…but i didnt get the books … I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to email me copy of the recipe book… would really really love a copy of the ideas on what to fill the inside with
    Thank you so very much …
    From Down Under
    Anna ;0)

  18. I just bought the Big Top Cupcake from Walgreens… and it came with the “idea” book… It only had a few things in it…. If you’d like I can mail the booklet to you.

  19. I contacted customer service re the forgotten idea book. They e-mailed me the book in .pdf format.

  20. try the customer service number 1-866-518-2281. I just ordered this..I hope I dont have any of these problems.

  21. I didn’t get the book or the 3-d cutters. It’s nearly impossible to contact these people too. I’ve been trying and can’t find any way to reach them. I have no clue how to use this thing.

  22. I didn’t get the idea book or the 3-d cookie cutters either. If anyone know how to get the book let me know. Thanks

  23. Did you ever get your idea book or cookie cutters? I am thinking of ordering this to make for my daughters birthday.

  24. I ordered this and paid extra shipping for the “free’ 3-D cookie cutters. Well, I got the pan but no “idea book” and no “3-D cookie cutters” and what is the most frustrating is that there is no phone number listed anywhere to call them. Customer service is an address!
    This was a gift and I am missing some of what I paid too much money for.
    Be careful !!!
    I am calling my credit card company to complain. At least they have a phone number that I can call!

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