New Product Tuesday with BarkOff

Bark Off Stops Dog BarkingOK, so BarkOff is not new. It’s been featured on our website for almost six months. But after another sleepless night, I think it should be introduced to our next door neighbors. They recently adopted a shelter dog (Yay!). It’s been barking all night every night, keeping me awake and cranky (Boo!). Don’t get me wrong, because I love dogs and I want every pooch to have a loving home.

But I think it’s the responsibility of pet owners to control their dog’s nuisance barking. BarkOff emits a harmless ultrasonic signal humans can’t hear, but Fido gets the message loud and clear. And BarkOff is safe, humane and pet-friendly. Maybe I can order one and leave it in the neighbor’s mailbox with an anonymous note. What do you think?

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