New Product Tuesday with Ba’Noodle

Ba'Noodles: Better than a bag clip?
Ba’Noodles: Better than a bag clip?

Ba’Noodle promises to be a good test of Anthony “Sully” Sullivan’s pitchman skills. Everyone wants to keep bagged foods fresh after they’ve been opened, but would you consider buying these multicolored pipe-cleaner-meets-twist-tie strips to do the job? When I first heard the name Ba’Noodle, I swear I thought it was one of the infomercial parodies from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! That name is pure Cinco.



2 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Ba’Noodle

  1. Got mine today int he mail! I almost forgot what it was for. I had to do a google search for directions. I immediately got my bag of Cheese Doodles that I had tried to close last night and I put the Ba’Noodle on. How ingenious! It worked perfectly! Thank You! You now have another devoted fan!

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