New Product Tuesday with Bake Pop Cake-on-a-Stick Pan

Bake Pop As Seen on TV Cake-on-a-Stick

With the proliferation of foods-on-a-stick at state and county fairs around the USA, it’s not surprising to see the sticky food trend invade the nation’s home kitchens. Hey fondue, kebabs and Popsicles– step aside and make room for the Bake Pop. What you’re buying here are not actual doughnut-hole sized balls of cake, but instead the silicone pan you use to bake up a batch of 18 Bake Pops. You can use any store-bought cake mix. Bake Pops can be festively decorated for holidays and parties, and served without plates and forks for less mess to clean up. The sticks, plus decorating ideas and supplies, are included in the package.

Bake Pops are also promoted as a diet food due to their sensible portion size. At one point in the commercial, the woman pictured at right says, “I used to feel so guilty eating a whole slice of cake, but with Bake Pops it’s the perfect size.” What she’s not telling you is that she ate the first pan of 18 right out of the oven and had to bake a second batch for the party. It’s just like Halloween candy. Once you tear into that first Fun-Size Milky Way while waiting for trick-or-treaters, 20 more wrappers will soon be in a pile at your feet.

Want to bake up your own batch?

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