New Product Tuesday with Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Grotto's On Fire FireballAs you may remember, we featured this product back in July when it was being marketed as the Grotto’s On Fire Fireball, which is still the name on the packaging. This somewhat less than descriptive name made some believe this product was designed to start fires in artificial caves, and therefore not of much interest to the average consumer.

Now it’s called the Automatic Fire Extinguisher, which more accurately describes its purpose and why one or more should be in your home (and why we’re featuring it again on New Product Tuesday). The Automatic Fire Extinguisher requires no batteries and is completely maintenance-free. It automatically releases a non-toxic fire-suppressant powder when it senses temperatures above 158º F, slowing down a fire and in many cases putting it out completely. Just leave the Automatic Fire Extinguisher near potential hotspots like circuit breaker boxes, gas tanks, water heaters, basements, stairwells, hallways, garage sheds, attics, warehouses, storage facilities, RV’s, boats, even inside your Christmas tree. Makes a useful and thoughtful holiday gift for everyone on your gift list.

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