New Product Tuesday with Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet tweet from Anthony SullivanThe Aluma Wallet is another new product from Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, star of Discovery Channel’s PitchMen, who recently tweeted the wallet’s debut. There are many other compact aluminum wallets on the market, most claiming to be nearly indestructible, many claiming to be waterproof, and all claiming to be trendy and fashionable for both men and women. The Aluma Wallet goes one step further by claiming it will protect credit and debit cards with embedded computer chips from criminals with portable RFID scanners. This is a BOGO offer, with the expected extra handling fee. Watch out for upsells, as the Aluma Wallet official website states you can get free shipping on the main Aluma Wallet if you upgrade to the deluxe version.

7 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with Aluma Wallet

  1. I was about to order several wallets to avoid shipping charges. But after reading the reviews, I will wait a month or longer. Thanks for the reviews. Think I’ll spend my $$ elsewhere. Alix Benson

  2. Reading most of the complaints from other people about order it the aluma wallet and never receive it. I am interesting to purchase some of this wallets, but I am afraid to found out a ripp-oof. My credit card will given away to you people, but also foun out that charge more taht suppose it about price or quantity. Is a possibility to obtain a name of any store where I can purchase it???? Is 100% more safe taht given my personal information away and never obtain a good result. Can you help me???

  3. I also order one. I never even got a confirmation page that they received the order. I never got a preview page because they get your credit card information first. Then I went on their site and hit the contact us. I was able to track the order and it said it was on back order, but I never got an email stating that. The message said it would be sent in 15 days. My card has not been charged yet so I think I will wait for a while. If I don’t receive it and they charge my card I will do a chargeback and report them.

  4. Ralph, you’re learning one of the facts of DRTV marketing. In the beginning of the product cycle, advertising is run and orders are taken before they’ve even manufactured the product. That’s how they gauge interest in the offer and decide how many to make.

  5. well I am still waiting for my “Aluma Wallet” to show up I ordered on 1-1-2011 it’s now 3-5-2011 I received a post card in the mail 3 weeks ago stating it was on back order and they anticipate shipping with in 30 days I have not been charged for it yet but still don’t have it yet. And if I would like to cancel the order to send the card back signed and they would cancel the order. So I think I’ll wait for now and see what happens.
    All the reports I have read on line so far have not been good they seem to charge you even if you cancel the order so it must be a communication thing
    I just want what I paid for…

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