New Product Tuesday with Ageless Male

If you’re a middle aged man with reduced energy and sex drive, your interest may have been piqued recently by “Is It Low T” commercials advertising a topical testosterone gel available through prescription only. Those commercials don’t tell you about potential scary side effects. But there are alternatives to prescription testosterone therapy. Ageless Male is a dietary supplement which claims to boost testosterone levels by up to 61% using a proprietary herbal blend of saw palmetto and astaxanthin.

This supplement is endorsed by a 56-year-old neurosurgeon, who credits Ageless Male for his transformation from blubbery schlub to hunky stud. It’s unclear why a spinal surgeon is an expert in hormone replacement therapy, but your Savvy Shopper is the same age as Dr. Jake and I’d love  to be that buff. If you’re suffering through andropause, feeling old and decrepit and wondering if you might have Low T, Ageless Male may be worth consideration.

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