New Product Tuesday with 30 Second Smile Electric Toothbrush

Your Savvy Shopper is certainly a proponent of good dental health, but 30 Second Smile scares the plaque out of me. This is not your ordinary electric toothbrush. 30 Second Smile brushes all your tooth surfaces at the same time. I’m not sure I’m ready to insert a power tool into my mouth first thing in the morning. Has anybody tried this? If so, please submit your review. Any dentists out there? What do you think?

8 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with 30 Second Smile Electric Toothbrush

  1. I use to have an electric tooth brush a while back, my question here is. Are these new ones good for someone with sensitive teeth? the last one i had hurt my gums when i used it.

  2. Hi, I’m eager to try out this new toothbrush but the video advises the use of “red” brushes and then the “blue” brushes.I have “low vision” & am legally blind and color blind!Does the packaging indicate which brushes are the “red” ones and which are the “blue” ones?

  3. I have been using the hydrabrush for years. It is both easier to use and more through than any tooth brush that I have ever used.

  4. I have tried most if not all electric toothbrushes and 30 Second Smile hands down beats every one. It is comfortable, fast, effective, and easy to use. My patients that use this product love it and me for telling them about it. The best part is the cost, much less than the other high end electric toothbrushes. In one word GREAT.

  5. I have seen excellent results with the 30 second smile. Patients love that they can do a thorough job brushing is a short time.

  6. I have been using this product for several years. I have also been prescribing to all of my patients for several years. I can honestly say that this brush eliminates human error, and this brush will clean all of your teeth in less than 1 minute. I have seen wonderful results in my ortho patients. Teenagers tend to not brush well, so this product is really needed for ortho patients. Finally, you can be confident that you are buying a quality product. This brush is very well made, and the company has a great warranty.

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